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Chana's Corner

A Letter from Chana

May 6, 2019

Hello Dear Full Owners and Time Shares Owners,

My name is Chana Cohen and I've lived at ESJ Towers for the last 34 years. ESJ Towers is my HOME. My kids grew up here, learned to swim in the pool, play hide and seek in the game room and all over the lobby. The staff was part of our big family. I never questioned the safety of my family. Since I have been around for so long, I saw ups and downs in ESJ Towers but in the last two years I have seen changes that concern me and the entire ESJ community. The wonderful people that used to work for the ESJ for 20-30+ years were replaced in the blink of an eye with new employees that have no idea of our needs and of this unique concept that is the ESJ Towers. As soon as the new administration (owned by Keith Saint Clair) took over, I found out that the name is no longer ESJ Towers but "ESJ Azul" and then "ESJ Mare" as part of a 'collection'???? That causes so much confusion. The first two years I welcomed and supported the changes. I love the relocation of the exit to the beach. The new lobby looks bright and welcoming and only later on I realized that this lobby is actually the hunting ground for the time share owners that already own in the ESJ Towers and luring them to buy/exchange their time share to the next door building (JADE) which is owned by our management company. Our interest is to keep these vacation owners in the ESJ Towers and use the maintenance money that is collected from all of us to reinvest in our building! I see this practice as a total conflict of interest between the administration company (ESJ Inc) and the ESJ Towers HOA! To make things worse, the wall that separates our property (ESJ Towers) and the "Jade” was opened and it looks like it is the official entrance to the new building right from our drive-in (see attached photos). I also noticed that Jade is being connected to our communication cables. As an owner, like you, these kinds of actions required 100% consent of the owners! We never authorized that. In March 2019, I kindly asked the board to give me the list of emails/mailing addresses of all owners, including the deeded time shares, in order to have a fair/legal/transparent election. That request was denied. See attached document.

On April 2 we had the annual meeting. We were about 60 full owners present in total plus about 40 proxies from other full owners. The proxies were not counted that day since I had to submit them a day before the assembly. That day we had no quorum. On the second day we had the assembly. That was a complete distortion of a legal democratic voting. That day I felt that I had to step in and protest and do everything in my power to make sure that we, all owners, will have a legal, democratic, transparent, fair election for our board! Otherwise we have NO VOICE, NO VOTE. I filed a case in DACO (a government agency to protect consumers). I felt that our board of directors were not transparent, they are absolutely not protecting our interests and there is a big conflict of interest between the management company (ESJ Inc) and the ESJ Towers HOA. We are letting the cat guard our milk.... Lots of decisions were made without our knowledge or permission!

We, the council, did not approve the budget and therefore no raise in the maintenance! I believe that we can LOWER the maintenance fee for all of us.

The Puerto Rico horizontal laws are very clear and created to protect us and our rights!

I trust that the law is on our side and justice will prevail.

I am looking forward to an election for a NEW board of directors that finally will represent all of us!

Peace and love to all ❤




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